TRF – Transcript Request Form

One of the first requirements I would get my hands is to obtain all documentation proving your completed law degree

  • Make sure to have your university put the transcripts into an envelope and seal it with the university stamp.
  • Don’t forget to also include certified translations if necessary!
  • Print out the TRF-form and bring it is included in the envelope!
  • The correct address where the envelope must be sent to is (don’t get confused with the information on LSAC’s website, the listed one is the correct one):
    Law School Admission Council 
    LLM Credential Assembly Service 
    662 Penn Street, Box 8511
    Newtown, PA 18940-8511
  • Don’t write anything other than their address on the envelope! 
    Otherwise, chances are they think you actually sent it yourself and they will disregard the documents. You will have to start all over again. It happened to me. You definitely don’t want to miss any deadlines because the envelope with your degree confirmation or other documents certifying your current enrollment with the expected completion date won’t be processed and entered into the LSAC system in time! 
  • If you applied for LL.M. programs while studying, don’t forget to obtain the final paperwork in both, English and German, including a new TRF from your student service center in order to send the documentation one more time. Proof of your completed law degree from the university is mandatory!