CONGRATS, you’re admitted!

Receiving a package means good news: you have been admitted! The mail will include an admission letter but the scholarship approval will be sent extra if that applies to you.
If you have applied and gotten admitted to more than one school, you will have to make a final decision on which school you want attend soon.

One of the decisive factors picking the school will likely be whether the school offers a scholarship and if so how much it will be. Even if you haven’t received any word on financial support don’t be shy and send them an email asking for it. Offerinig LL.M. programs is a big business for schools here or in other words, it’s a cash cow. Therefore, if you have more admissions let the other school know and try to negotiate a higher scholarship. I know it sounds strange but that’s the way how it works.

Choosing your law school

There are numerous aspects to consider when contemplating which law school will be a great fit for for your goals. I’m usually not that type of person who makes lists but in that case I found it helpful to write down what I liked and disliked about both of the schools I was admitted to.

I have collected some ideas to look into and get some background research done. Unless it is clear to you which school you want to attend, you probably want to do your homework and gather as much information on the insitution as possible. Afterall, you’ll spend a ton of money and it better be worth it!

You could look into:

  • Location: where do you want live, is there a big industry in your field of interest?
  • School’s rankings: if you can, choose a top tier law school; it will open doors!
  • Bar exam: if you want to take it, in which State will you want to take the exam
  • Law school: compare courses, specialisations (certification…), clinics, externship possibilities, etc.
  • Career service center: factor in the size of law school and the LL.M. program
  • Campus
  • Student organisations

Once you have decided which law school programme is the right one for you or you are still undecided between two or more schools, consider some additional factors which all will have an impact on your daily routine and living conditions in general: 

  • Recreation facilities, additional costs, sports classes and groups offered

Commitment Deposit

Great, you have decided on your school!
This is an important step – if not the most important one – because you will identify with this new community and become part of the alumni network once you have completed the degree. You will be required to make a commitment deposit.

Once this phase is over you will then go ahead and proceed with the visa petition.