• Admirer for the arts and its creators
  • Supporter of expressive works of authorship
  • Enthusiast for storytelling in all forms

No matter how one wants to put it, my deep appreciation for individuals & collectives actively involved within the entertainment industry drives my aspiration to write about my experiences living in Los Angeles, the epicenter of the world’s content production. Since I am a writer myself, I would like to share my ‘Hollywood adventures’ with a broader audience which hopefully provides for an insightful perspective. My intention is to offer an exploration of not only the creative side but also the legal/business side of the content-manufactury which will be educational as well as inspirational for my readers along the way.

Originally from Austria, I realized quickly that my thirst for artistic expression wouldn’t ever be quenched staying in the country and that my inner calling was to follow my passion and move to Los Angeles. I have studied the law of Austria, the EU, and the US by attending top tier schools on both continents.

Now, I am an attorney, admitted to the California Bar.
A multi-layered perspective on issues coming up in various cultures gives me a broad understanding of legal questions that come up in an international context.

I can’t wait for my readers to explore Entertainment meets Law and hop on my journey through the numerous aspects of the entertainment business in Hollywood.