World Choreography Awards 2019 at the Saban Theater

Welcome To The Oscars Of DaNcE

The ceremony of the World Choreography Awards celebrates the brilliant accomplishments of the most renowned choreographers and dancers in the media industry. The evening is a joy for the audience and truly goes beyond the scope of a pure award show.
The 9th Annual World Choreography Awards show took place on November 11, 2019 at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills and was hosted by actress, singer, model, and dancer Heather Morris.

Host Heather Morris

We got extremely lucky to watch the show close up as our tickets were upgraded!

Karen Forcano and Ricardo Vega, also known as Karen y Ricardo, turned eyes with their incredible choreography for which they won the WCA in the category for Television Reality Show/Competition – World Of Dance. Take a look at the video below.

The complete list of the winners can be found on the WCA’s website.


Surprisingly enough, even though there is an increasing demand for dancers in film, TV and music, the dance community still hasn’t formed a union that would represent the members’ interests. Dancers are one of the very few categories within the entertainment industry that are not yet unionized. However, there has been a growing concern regarding working conditions and a demand for minimum wage regulations and in general the desire for contractual standards according to labor law is growing.

The Dancers Alliance (DA) in Los Angeles is currently actively working together with SAG-AFTRA in light of the renegotiations of the music video contract coming up this year. It applies to the majority of the dance community and therefore it is an important endeavor to formulate better rates and conditions, especially with regards to new media projects.


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